Adult Day Services

Adult Day Services

Dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with exceptionalities through
strengthening their skills, independence, and physical wellbeing in a safe and nurturing farming environment, this sector offers participants an opportunity to experience all that the Farm has to offer. Through engaging in a variety of social, vocational, life skill, and recreational activities, these programs promote the development of increased confidence and self-esteem in addition to social, intellectual, applied skills, and day living skills.

Individuals who may benefit from our Adult Day Services may experience the following challenges:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Developmental Disorders
  • Down’s Syndrome
  • Intellectual Disorders
  • Mental Illness

Community Participation Program

Our Community Participation Program is designed for individuals looking to take on meaningful tasks that play a vital role in our operation, here at WindReach Farm. Participants are required to come with their own support, and will be given a variety of different tasks depending on their abilities and interests. Such tasks may include feeding animals, collecting eggs, mucking stalls, walking animals, filling bird feeders, and much more.

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Learning-4-Life Adult Day Program

The Learning-4-Life Program is an adult day program designed to be therapeutic, recreational and educational in nature. Participants engage in a variety of different activities including archery, crafts, wool activities, cooking, games, animal interaction, nature walks, library time, and much more.

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Homespun Wool Program

We invite individuals of all ages and abilities to participate in our homespun wool therapy program, which encompasses all stages of the wool processing cycle, from raw fleece to the finished product. The activities can be tailored to meet the educational and therapeutic needs and interests of the visitors. The program appeals to a variety of audiences.

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Skills Training Centre

Our Skills Training Centre provides a hands-on learning environment for groups and their accompanying instructors to connect skill development with real-life learning opportunities. Groups are encouraged to bring their programs and learning objectives alive through engaging in a living, interactive, and stimulating environment.

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