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This holiday season help us open our doors wider for the people we serve!

Donate to our 2021 Annual Campaign today!


2021 is a year unlike any other and we need your help now more than ever. WindReach Farm continues to be profoundly affected by COVID-19. As we slowly and safely bring programs back, we need your support through the tough months ahead while we re-build and start to serve the many individuals with disabilities and mental health issues that participate in our programs.  

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Individuals like Tim Walsh, who participates in our Community Participation & Skills Training Program. Tim’s mother Nancy Jack, says “In 20 years of programming, therapies and intervention, WindReach is the best thing we have seen”. What caught Nancy off guard was that a Farm environment ticks all the boxes; fine & gross motor skills, sensory input, language and speech, nonverbal communication with animals and all the while completing jobs that are hard work, but teach important life skills. Nancy believes Tim is capable of having a meaningful contribution to society and that “WindReach gives Tim a set of skills he will use his whole life.”

Participants in the Community Participation and Skills Training Program are adults with a disability who wish to learn new jobs and tasks. They learn how to complete a job which gives them a huge sense of pride and accomplishment. They “walk a little bit taller because they can do something independent and it’s real work, real contribution. It fills you with hope that there is a place for everybody and that that place can be really special” WindReach Farm is “very special and very unique and is thinking about disability and learning in a new way. It really is a gem that needs to be protected and expanded.”

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Tim loves coming to the Farm, whether it’s sweeping the barn, feeding the animals, collecting eggs, or riding in our therapeutic riding program.  It’s so important to Tim to come to WindReach. It’s a good place to be he says.

“I love it here; I love it here” he says over and over again. His mother says there is no experience that Tim has in which I hear this constantly. “We will do this forever” they both exclaim! 

Help Tim’s forever and consider a donation to support this program and the many others at WindReach Farm.


Click here and watch Tim’s story!


Donations can be made by e-transfer to or by visiting our website and select 2021 Annual Appeal.


No donation is too small and all make a difference in the lives of our participants and the care of our animals!


Thank you!

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