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Andrew Weir - April 2022
Started April 2015

Andrew started volunteering at WindReach Farm in 2015. His sister, Megan Burbidge, who is one of the riding instructors, asked if he could come out for a few weeks to help as they were short on volunteers. Andy enjoyed volunteer so much he has stayed well beyond his initial commitment for several reasons - all related to happiness.

Andy W April 2022.jpeg

Andy had limited true horse experience, although his family had always had horses when he was younger. Once he started working with the horses, he found they gave him a ‘grounded’ feeling. “At the same time, working with the riders and feeling like I was doing something to help in my limited way has always been a joy,” says Andy. 


One particularly memorable experience was working with a new young rider whose mother brought him out for his first ride to see if the program would work for him. The boy was laughing and happy the whole time he was on the horse and the mother cried seeing him so happy. “Every time I worked with him he was that happy!” exclaimed Andy.


One thing Andrew has learned about volunteering at WindReach is that he gets as much, or more, out of it than he gives. He hopes to be part of the WindReach family for many years.


Volunteering at the Stables may not be everyone's idea of fun, but if you want to volunteer, work with friendly people and get the joy giving back provides, Andrew encourages you to check out the many opportunities at WindReach Farm.


Thank you, Andy, for all that you do at WindReach Farm.


One person CAN make a difference!

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