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Annie Dunleavy - September 2022
Started April 2017

Annie enjoys volunteering as she is retired and wants to give back something to a worthwhile cause, in gratitude for being able to do so. The first time she visited WindReach Farm she loved the ambience and the friendly staff and volunteers she met. “Being surrounded by animals is wonderful as I grew up in the country. I knew there and then that I wanted to volunteer at the Farm. My first visit to the farm was in March 2017 and I started volunteering the next month,” said Annie.


She volunteers in the Wool Program, but also assists with special events such as The Gala, Royal Winter Fair, and seasonal events at WindReach.

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Annie was a teacher for almost forty years and spent more than half of her career working with young people with special needs. As WindReach is an accessible farm catering to varied groups with special needs, she felt she could utilize the skills gained from her teaching years. Annie is also into working with fibre and has been spinning her own yarn for many years. More recently she has also become interested in weaving and has become an enthusiast. 


“Every day I go to WindReach I again love the feel of the place and work with a wonderful group of ladies in the Wool Program. It is very rewarding working with the various groups and seeing how much they enjoy their experience at WindReach,” says Annie.


She has also learned many things through volunteering at WindReach. Annie has gained new fibre skills through the Wool Program and have interacted with staff from other areas such as the Day Visits and Horticultural Therapy Programs. She finds the enthusiasm of the visitors both young and old, very stimulating.


Recently there were groups of children who visited the Wool Program from a school in Oshawa. When the children visited the wool group, they were given a demonstration of processing wool, and then shown how to make a simple friendship bracelet. The children really enjoyed the activity and their visit around the Farm. Some children commented ‘This is the best field trip I have ever been on’ and 'I don't want to ever leave this place. I want to sleep in the barn!’ These types of comments make it all worthwhile.


Annie hopes to continue volunteering at WindReach for many years to come and she looks forward to the events that lie ahead.


Thank you, Annie, for all that you do at WindReach Farm.


One person CAN make a difference!

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