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Brenda Logan - May 2022
Started February 2017

Brenda semi-retired from a stressful project management career in 2017 and attended an orientation session for WindReach Farm Volunteers that same year. She has been a volunteer through many phases of her life, as a student, parent and throughout her career. When Brenda retired, she not only wanted to "give back" to her local community, she wanted to be involved with an organization that would enrich her life. 

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Initially Brenda volunteered with the Therapeutic Riding Program. She helped out with a high school program on a weekly basis and really enjoyed developing relationships with the riders, teachers and special assistants. “It was great to see the progression in the riders' confidence and physical abilities. Grooming the horses was therapy for me,” said Brenda.


Since 2019 Brenda has volunteered with the Beyond the Farm Gate (BFG) Program which takes small animals and the Farm experience to the community. The Program really allows the participants to park their troubles for a short time and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of handling animals. Here we see a wide range of clients from young children to the elderly.


Brenda tries to bring joy to people's lives, to make them smile and engage them in some way. She enjoys the social aspect of volunteering, both meeting program participants and tour groups as well as spending time with the awesome staff and volunteers at WindReach.


Brenda feels she has learned a lot about animals and the benefits they offer to humans in general, but also what they offer to a person that may have a mental or physical challenge. She is more aware of how important it is to have an organization like WindReach Farm that support families of all abilities.


There have been lots of memorable days! During the RCMP Musical Ride at WindReach Brenda cried because it was so beautiful to see the RCMP Officers and horses. She has had many memorable conversations during BFG visits. What comes to mind is a presentation by the BFG group to their families and friends. We created the 12 days of Farming set to the 12 days of Christmas song. All the participants were excited, the audience loved it and it was so much fun.


Brenda donates her time because WindReach is a very worthwhile and much needed organization in our community and she enjoys doing it! She has brought her grandchildren to the Farm for special events and it is always a memorable day.


Thank you, Brenda, for all that you do at WindReach Farm.


One person CAN make a difference!

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