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Carolynn MacKinnon

June 2019


I recently retired and was looking for an opportunity to volunteer, specifically in a way that involved happiness and joy after a very stressful career. 


Each day I volunteer in the BFG program, I experience joy and get to share it with others - children, the elderly, people in crisis or transition, and people of all physical, mental, and emotional abilities. What a wonderful gift this program has given me. 


Similarly, I know the BFG program is a true gift for those who participate.


Some examples: 


I recently spoke with a woman when we visited a seniors home - she was enamoured with the chickens in particular.  She said tearfully as we began to pack up the animals “this is the best afternoon I have had in years!”  


On another visit to Renascent, I chatted with a young man in the program who I recognized was the son of a farm owner I have known for years.  While holding a bunny, he relaxed and opened up about how he was resolved to getting well and being a good father to his infant daughter.  He thanked us for coming and said “this is the best therapy”. 


We also visited a Community Centre in a low income school area, and it was magical when a group watched as the first live chicken many of them had ever seen, laid an egg! Sheer joy! They will always remember that moment. 


This is a wonderful program. Thank you sincerely for giving me the opportunity to help WindReach, BFG, and our fearless leader Sara, continue to spread joy and happiness. 


Carolynn MacKinnon

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