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Community Participation Program.


The Community Participation Program provides individuals with special needs the opportunity to explore possibilities, and sets them on a course to develop to their full potential. Program participants learn and develop employment-related skills, and gain on-the-job work experience within the context of an inclusive, barrier free environment. As a client-centred program, the Community Participation Program is designed for individuals who enjoy the outdoors, tactile experiences, animal handling opportunities, and assisting in the day-to-day operations of a working farm. Weekly visits to the Farm help participants develop an awareness and appreciation of nature, through observing animal interactions, the cycle of life, and seasonal changes.

Targeted Outcomes

Social Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Safety Awareness
Increase Confidence and Self-Esteem
Sense of Belonging
Life Skills
Physical Activity


Animal Care (grooming, feeding)
Custodial Duties
Egg Collection
Property Maintenance
Vegetable Harvesting
Wool Processing


Adults and youth 14 years of age or older with a disability.

Participants must provide their own transportation and be accompanied by a support worker.


Community Participation Program is organized into four seasonal sessions. Each session costs $130 per participant.

To Apply



"The farm program is my favourite thing to do. I love to feed the animals. It makes me feel like I’m capable. It feels great to be outside. I love to see Blossom. I feel like I help Eleanor when I complete my jobs. I like to talk to Eleanor and the other people who work there.”

— Tim, Participant

“The farming loop has taken Matthew full circle from the planting of a seed of an interest, to a repertoire of blossomed skills, to an ability to apply and pollinate these same skills in his daily living as well as in his wider community."

— Jo-Anne, Mother of Participant

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