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The Horseshoes-For-Hope (H4H) Annual Campaign continues to bring light and hope to the many participants at WindReach Farm. Since it’s conception in 2015 this campaign has raised over $160,000 in funds with over 180 horseshoes on our bridge. The dollars raised support the programs and services of WindReach Farm. These past few years have been challenging with the pandemic, which continues to impact our program delivery, as well as our participants. Happily, things are opening up and participants are safely returning to their programs. The H4H campaign is critical to helping us open our door wider and return to full capacity.


Our Bridge of Hope symbolizes the uniqueness of every one of our participants. WindReach has a very personal and special connection for our participants, like eight-year-old Madison Ambos. Madison is like many children, says her mom, she is full of zest and loves to be silly and active with her little brother Jack. They love to build forts, go swimming and play Lego together.

When Madison turned one, says her mother

Katherine, we discovered that she had cerebral palsy. It didn’t take us long to get her into a number of traditional therapies. Then over the course of a few years, we found WindReach Farm. Soon after, Madison required two surgeries to help her walk, as she was unable to do so. It was a very difficult and challenging time during her recovery. The Therapeutic Riding Program at WindReach was a huge part of her recovery. Madison began weekly riding lessons at the Farm when she was three years old. It took her about a her about a year to recover after her surgery and return to walking.

“The Riding program at WindReach was instrumental in helping Madison regain strength, balance and confidence with her new legs, as we call it” says her mother. The therapy really helped her and was a huge part of her recovery program. “We don’t know what stage Madison would be at if it weren’t for her riding lessons. A big part of her being able to walk again and have strength, is because of the work she has been doing with the horses”.


When asked about how she likes riding at WindReach Madison says When I come to ride, I feel like I am free and that I can fly! You can talk to the horses and play lots of different games. The staff and volunteers are really nice to me and make sure that I am safe”.


Katherine says Madison looks forward to her lessons every week. Coming to the Farm feels so welcoming. Everyone is so kind and the atmosphere is calm and relaxing. The staff understand our goals and needs and ensure that those are being met. “If WindReach was not here it would be really sad for us. It’s such a special part of our week.

One of the shining lights at WindReach Farm was the birth of our very own foal, Sandy. Sandy turned two this past September and is exhibiting all the necessary and desirable qualities of being a top-notch therapeutic riding horse. We are thrilled to see her grow up and become a light and source of joy in many people’s lives as we watch her grow and develop.  If you would like to support her schooling, please tick the box “Sandy” when you donate. We look forward to having her return to the Farm and join our riding program for years to come.


Help us continue to be the light for all of our participants during this challenging time with your horseshoe today.  There are four levels of donations - $100, $500, $1,000 and $1,500– that offer a special opportunity to have your name on a horseshoe that will be proudly displayed on the WindReach Farm Bridge of Hope.


Thank you for your support. The light at WindReach Farm shines bright and strong and will be a guiding light for the people we serve. Together, with your continued support through the Horseshoes-For-Hope campaign, we can help ensure that WindReach will be here for years to come.   


Harry Worsley, Chair

Board of Directors

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