Rosemary M_October 2021_edited.jpg

October 2021 -

Rosemary McCormack

Rosemary knew when she retired and had the time; she wanted to give back to the community in some way. With her lifelong love of horses, WindReach was the perfect place to do so.

Rosemary mostly volunteers at the stables where she helps with lessons, grooming and tacking up and any stable chores that need done. She also helps at many special events. Rosemary has a passion for all things equine, lots of energy, and a love of helping people. 

Maureen Parsons September 2021.jpg

September 2021 -

Maureen Parsons

When asked why she volunteers, Maureen replied that she finds it rewarding and enjoys being part of something she is passionate about. “I do it because I want to, not because I have to.” replies.


Maureen spends most of her time volunteering at the stables, but has also volunteered at special events as well as The Royal Winter Fair and the Markham Fair.

Lea August 2021.jpg

August 2021 -

Lea Kitchen

Lea started volunteering in May of 2015. Luckily for her, she met Volunteer and Operations Manager, Kelly curling and saw the perfect opportunity to get involved through volunteering. She had retired from a very rewarding and much loved teaching career of 34 years and wanted to have a new experience while doing something purposeful in her community. WindReach Farm was the perfect opportunity!

Cori July 2021.jpg

July 2021 -

Cori Whittington

Cori has been volunteering since she was a child. She volunteered in a therapeutic riding program when in university, and was immediately drawn to the Farm’s therapeutic riding program when she accompanied her students on a visit to the Farm in 2007. When she retired from teaching in 2013, she started to spend more time volunteering in the programs at the Farm.

Photo_Harry Worsley.JPG

June 2021 -

Harry Worsley

At WindReach Farm, Harry has several roles: he assists with his daughter’s therapeutic riding lessons; he recruits and coordinates volunteer set-up and tear-down crews for major events; and he has sat on the WindReach Farm Foundation Board since 2014, where he is currently the Chair.

Amanda May 2021.jpg

May 2021 - Amanda Taylor

Amanda has helped in many areas at WindReach, including: animal care, therapeutic riding lessons, on-site tours, off-site visits, special events, community work days, and summer camp. Her favourite volunteer job is helping with therapeutic riding lessons and seniors’ tours. Amanda loves horses and working with individuals with disabilities, so the stables is a great fit for her. Seniors also hold a special place in her heart.

Joe Stokes.jpg

April 2021 -

Joe Stokes

Joe is both an academic and an education administrator, so feels his contribution to the farm has come in the form of both administrative leadership and insight into the curricular aspects of WindReach Farm’s programming. Notwithstanding Joe’s professional background, he tries to bring passion to his volunteerism at WindReach, because there are so many participants counting on the Farm to be at it’s best, and if he can help even a little bit, he knows that he will have done his part.

Ginny Petch.jpg

March 2021 - Ginny Petch

Volunteering at WindReach has given Ginny so many memories, but one which she will always treasure was assisting Eleanor with the birthing of a lamb last spring, and having the honour of it being named after her! To this day, despite her husband’s request, they have not once had lamb for dinner. Each spring, Ginny enjoys watching everything come to life, particularly all the new baby animals.


February 2021 - Meagan Rollo

Prior to coming to WindReach, Meagan had always enjoyed working with people and animals. She brought this knowledge and experience with her to her placement at the Farm, where she continues to learn new things every day. When volunteering, Meagan always has a positive attitude, whether it is leading a tour, planning activities for different events, or working with the animals.


January 2021 - Sharon Semeluk

Sharon had the opportunity to take lessons when it was open to volunteers and, although she is more comfortable with her feet on the ground, found that riding provided her with a valuable insight into the experience from the program participants’ perspective.