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Corrine Brook-Allred - June 2022
Started February 2020

Corrine started to volunteer in February 2020, just before Covid struck us. She wants to help individuals who have challenges participate in horse therapy sessions.


Corrine volunteers at the stables on a weekly basis and occasionally as an Adventure Guide helping with on-site tours.


She is willing to do whatever is required – mucking out stables, side walking, leading a horse, grooming, etc. and does so with a smile on her face. “Corrine is very flexible and reliable – two wonderful qualities that we appreciate having in a volunteer,” says Kelly Taylor, Volunteer and Operations Manager.


“Each week, I learn more about horse therapy and how the riders benefit from it. The people who also volunteer in the stables are so helpful, as are the staff and instructors; everyone is more than ready to lend a hand when I am unsure about something. I feel like I am appreciated for what I do and that I am making a difference in my small way,” says Corrine.


Corrine feels amazed at how beneficial horse therapy is to the riders. The obvious joy that they experience from being on a horse is almost tangible.


When asked to share a memorable story about volunteering at WindReach, Corrine spoke to fellow volunteer Rosemary about their experiences together. Rosemary mentioned that when they are at the stables together, something out-of-the-ordinary always seems to happen – e.g., Zorro (horse) getting through the electric fencing; having to change horses because the horse we had prepped was a bit too high for a new rider; two horses not getting along together; having to return a horse to its paddock because the pathway was too icy. The list goes on! Corrine just assumed that these were normal, everyday occurrences.


“Volunteering is very important to me – helping to make a difference to others. I had previously been associated with FOOTPRINTS 4 Autism and decided that I would like to try something different. My love of horses and all animals led me to WindReach. At the end of my shift, I go home extremely tired but with a smile in my heart,” Corrine says fondly.

Thank you, Corrine, for all that you do at WindReach Farm.

One person CAN make a difference!

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