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Diane McLean - March 2023
Started September 2021

Diane started in September 2021 at the Farm as part of our Community Participation Program for her own therapy and then she transitioned into the Volunteer Program. She loves animals and WindReach Farm is an AMAZING place to volunteer!

Currently Diane helps take care of the small animals (guinea pigs, bunnies and some chickens) in the Visitors’ Centre. These animals were part of the Beyond the Farm Gate Program and they continue to provide therapy and support for many of our participants across our Programs.

03 Diane McLean March.jpg

When asked ‘what do you feel like you bring to the table when you volunteer,’ Diane replied “I get just as much out of volunteering as I give! I work hard and get rewarded with animal friendships and cuddles!” Diane enjoys being around people that love animals as much as she does, as well as meeting all the amazing animals. Diane feels she has learned so much about farm animals, as she had little knowledge prior to volunteering.


Diane loves to greet the animals when she is there and has a friendly relationship with a black sheep named Little Tyler. She said hello to him one day, and he has greeted here every day since. He hops up and puts his front legs on the fence when he sees Diane and she gives him a nice chin scratching, which he seems to enjoy. Diane was in a car accident a while ago and this is a way for her to prepare for returning to work. It is the highlight of her week! 


Thank you, Diane, for all that you do at WindReach Farm.


One person CAN make a difference!

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