Opportunities at WindReach

Social & Community Service Worker – Coordinate Farm Workers

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Interview potential individuals with disabilities/farm workers (will be referred to as farm workers from now on) and assess their relevant skill strengths and needs;

  • Hire farm workers and assist them in developing plans of action while providing necessary support and assistance while working;

  • Meet with full-time staff to discuss their needs and schedule farm workers for the week;

  • Meet with farm workers to assess their progress, give support and discuss any difficulties or problems;

  • Set the schedule for farm workers each week;

  • Mentor farm workers in a constructive manner, giving and listening to any feedback;

  • Oversee the supervision of farm workers while ensuring their general safety and development;

  • Provide instruction and help farm workers to participate successfully in all aspects of their summer experience while encouraging independence;

  • Ensure that all tasks and responsibilities are inclusive in nature, allowing for all farm workers to participate according to his or her own abilities;

  • Prepare and submit a comprehensive final report upon completion of the summer program.

Start Date: June 13th

Please contact kelly.taylor@windreachfarm.org to apply