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Georgia Smallbridge

WindReach Farm

by Georgia Smallbridge


I like WindReach Farm because I like to ride horses. WindReach Farm can help you reach your goals of being a better rider. Ever since I was little I loved riding horses, because it makes me feel free and one day I hope to become a really good rider. WindReach Farm is helping people to become better riders. The thing I liked about WindReach Farm the most is that people who have different disabilities can ride horses. I think people who have special needs are not accepted in other people's minds but it wouldn't matter to WindReach Farm. They are there for you. They accommodate to your disability which I think is very good and that's why I like WindReach Farm. They see people for who they are, not judging anybody. They don't care what they look like. I like WindReach Farm because they accept people with all the different disabilities.


I would recommend WindReach Farm because it is a good place for people who don’t feel welcome or they don’t feel that they fit in with the world. WindReach Farm is a home that I like a lot because a lot of people have disabilities. It’s a cool place where people can go who have different needs and can ride horses. I like riding there because it makes me happy.


My favourite horse, Ruby

I like horses because they don’t judge people. I like Ruby because she's a good horse to ride. She follows my directions and is happy to ride with me. Now I ride Buddy but Ruby is my favourite horse ever. I like Clydesdale horses and Ruby is a Clydesdale. One day I want my own Clydesdale horse and I could name it Cloud. It's always been my dream to have a Clydesdale horse. The first time I saw Ruby, I said, “Wow! She’s big!” My mom asked if I was scared and I said, “No I’m not scared! I hope I can have a Clydesdale of my own, just like Ruby!” This is my story of my favourite horse, Ruby, and why I like her best.

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