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Harry Worsley - June 2021
Started 2014

Harry became acquainted with WindReach Farm when his daughter started riding at the stables many years ago. He has many reasons for volunteering, but the main one is his belief in the importance of giving back and helping members of your community.

At WindReach Farm, Harry has several roles: he assists with his daughter’s therapeutic riding lessons; he recruits and coordinates volunteer set-up and tear-down crews for major events; and he has sat on the WindReach Farm Foundation Board since 2014, where he is currently the Chair.

When asked of the contribution Harry has made to the Farm, Carol Dahlquist, Executive Director, WindReach Farm Foundation, said “I have had the pleasure of working with Harry on the Foundation Board for the past few years. He brings a calm, positive and measured presence to everything he does. He is generous, humble and willing to help no matter what is asked of him. From leading the Board, to helping with the new playground, to connecting donors to the Farm, to supplying the biggest Christmas tree ever for our Holly Jolly event, no task or request goes unanswered. His passion for the Farm and all we do shines brightly! His leadership on the Foundation Board is always positive, supportive and forward thinking. He is a true visionary and is inspirational and a joy to work with.”

When asked what Harry feels he ‘brings to the table’, Harry replies “Energy and guidance to the youth.” Those who know Harry, know that he brings this and so much more!

Harry enjoys working on a team and getting the job completed when he volunteers. Of course, the smiling faces he sees along the way help too.

While at WindReach Farm, Harry has learned how special all volunteers are and how they come from all walks of life. Being at the stables during lessons, at WindReach Farm special events, and being on the Foundation Board, has allowed Harry to meet many wonderful people, including other Board members, participants, riders, staff, visitors, and volunteers.

Harry fondly remembers when WindReach Farm hosted the RCMP Musical Ride in 2018. “The Musical Ride event was a highlight for the Farm in my eyes. I remember sitting amongst a bunch of our participants and seeing the joy on their faces and how close we all were to the horses. You could feel the wind as they rode by. Happy people and happy times!”

Thank you, Harry, for all that you do at WindReach Farm.


One person CAN make a difference!

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