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Krista Shay - January 2023
Started January 2019

When asked “why do you volunteer,” Krista replied, “I volunteer because I love keeping busy, I love horses and I love working with people with special needs.”

Krista started in January 2019 in the Stables and volunteers at the Stables and with special events. 


Krista brings her own love of horses and riding to the table, as well as a lifelong commitment to support and advocate for people with special needs. 

She enjoys being with the horses, making connections with the riders, staff, and the other volunteers. I also exceed my target number of daily steps!

01 Krista S January.jpg

Through volunteering at WindReach Farm, Krista believes she has learned a lot about the specific techniques used to teach people with special needs to ride, as well as the ‘behind the scenes’ organization of a therapeutic riding program. She also knows it is important not to make assumptions about people's abilities. 

When asked for a memorable story, Krista said “One of the best things about volunteering at the stables is being able to connect with and mentor the riders. During one session recently, a rider also wanted to volunteer after their lesson. This young rider was extremely keen to learn how to catch, halter, lead and tack up the horses as well as learn to do the various stable chores. I took them under my wing, and we happily worked together for the remainder of the mornings after their lesson, getting the horses ready for the next set of lessons and doing barn chores. It was amazing to be able to connect with and mentor such a keen and wonderful young person and help them improve their skills while doing something we both love.” While the young rider no longer rides at WindReach, they made a wonderful personal connection and agreed to keep in contact and share our riding experiences and horse photos with each other. 

Krista has always made time to fit some type of volunteer work into her life. She finds it personally fulfilling, as well as believing in giving back what you can to others who need what you can give. 


Thank you, Krista, for all that you do at WindReach Farm.


One person CAN make a difference!

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