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Maya Osse - December 2021
Started July 2021

Maya volunteers because she wants to help provide a space for people with varying levels of abilities to be able to experience things they wouldn’t be able to experience outside of WindReach. One of her favourite parts of volunteering is working directly with animals and helping provide them with quality live. It is also pretty amazing to watch animals grow up in front of you.


Maya helped with animal care on the farm side in the summer and continues to help on Saturdays. She also helps with giving tours, small animal care, bingo and therapeutic riding lessons. In the summer she was able to help with the Foundation’s Golf Tournament.


When asked what Maya feels she brings to the table, she replied “Personally, I feel I have varying skills that could be considered valuable such as, a willingness to help wherever it is needed, perseverance, passion, and a love for all animals.” Kelly Taylor, Volunteer and Operations Manager says “Watching Maya jump right into to many areas of volunteering has proved that she is willing to help out wherever needed and Maya has shown enthusiasm helping out all over the Farm.”


One of the most important things Maya feels she has learned has been responsibility. “When working on a farm you are responsible for the health and safety of the animals and whether they are getting enough food and water and making sure their pens are closed. You have to be following proper procedure to make sure all animals are healthy and safe,” Maya said.

On her very first tour, Maya shadowed volunteer Al. They were giving the group a tour around the Farm’s gorgeous landscape, which includes visiting the chicken coop. When they opened the coop door, to bring the tour group inside, the chickens were excited to get outside and they managed to escape. Maya and Al then had to spend the next few minutes trying to catch every single chicken and return them to the coop.


When asked why Maya gives her time to WindReach, she replied “I know a lot of people may say this, but I genuinely mean it. The farm is one of my favourite places to be. I like to go up and feel like I am helping someone or something. When I was younger I struggled with severe anxiety and one of the only things I found really helped was animal therapy, so I choose to donate my time in hopes that it could help someone, even a little.”


Thank you, Maya, for all that you do at WindReach Farm.


One person CAN make a difference!

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