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Molly Court

Nothing is more fulfilling than helping people learn and giving them a few moments of enjoyment with the farm animals. The reactions are priceless both from the animals;

-hens laying eggs at school visits

-a chicken falling asleep in a lap of an elderly farmer

To the people; 

-watching the expression of an elderly woman holding a 7 week old duckling

-a child petting a guinea pig for the first time.

I look forward to working with the young adults in the Thrive Program every week. Hearing about dairy farming and making real butter, planting seeds with the farm's horticulturalist, and learning about specific animals on the farm are but a few highlights from our weekly program. It is truly a joy to meet the excited participants each week as they come for the program. We have a lot of laughs while learning about the farm, and have grown a strong bond between everyone with our weekly visits.

Thank you for the opportunity to volunteer at Windreach Farm!


Molly Court

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