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Rob Pudleiner

Written by Moyra Stephens


We actually visited WindReach for the first time when Peter Blair was working there, as he is a family friend.


Rob said his first memories of WindReach go back to early days in school, when they would visit there occasionally. And in high school, they went more frequently. He loved that he could let his chair rip and take off down the paths without worrying about running into anyone or anything, feeling the wind blowing in his face. The freedom was amazing.


He later became a volunteer, and was proud to be a part of leading tours for several years around the farm. He enjoyed the horse stable most of all, and wished he could live there. He also enjoyed the hayrides, the barns and animals, and the walk and roll events. 


He loved meeting Gary Roberts, and getting a signed jersey from him, courtesy of WindReach. He mentioned the diversity of the visitors, and enjoyed talking to them all. It made him feel important, gave him something to look forward to, and a routine each week. He spent many weekends in the apartments, and loved that too. 


And of course, to have the opportunity to go to Bermuda and stay at Sandy’s boathouse, and see WindReach Bermuda is something he and I will never forget. It was the trip of his lifetime. 


If he were not moving out of the area, you would still see his smiling face there regularly. 


I have fond memories too, but mostly of the good feeling it gave Rob to feel useful. Thank you.

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