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Tracy Wixon - March 2022
Started June 2015

Tracy loves horses and it was the therapeutic riding program first brought her to WindReach Farm. “It's an amazing facility. Despite the fact I've been riding since I was eight years old, I've learned so much from the riding instructors and the body/mind connection with these glorious animals. I always say you volunteer to help others, but really you're helping yourself in so many ways,” says Tracy.


It was over six years ago when Tracy first came to WindReach. She volunteers in several programs, including Therapeutic Riding, Wool and even donates craft items to the pop up shops and online auctions.


Tracy brings a lot of skills when she volunteers. In Therapeutic Riding, she brings her love of horses, English riding knowledge and horsemanship. She is a lifelong learner with lots of enthusiasm to learn more. In the Wool program, Tracy is filled with enthusiasm! She wants to learn everything, although she is a bit intimidated by spinning. The entire wool process appeals to her romanticizing of simpler/slower times and she enjoys contributing to fundraising for the Farm.


Tracy enjoys the animals, outdoors, learning new things and the friends she has made. Through the Therapeutic Riding program, Tracy has learned to view riding from another perspective - from the ground.  During the lesson as an assistant (either sidewalking or leading) she has learned to engage with the rider and to be an extension of the instructor. By being a part of the Wool program and Craft group, Tracy has experienced great opportunities to learn and master a variety of new skills in a supportive environment while also being able to contribute to the Farm.


There are so many great moments that Tracy has experienced at WindReach: Watching someone win their first ribbon; videotaping a rider's entry into a nation-wide dressage competition; selling the first thing she made from Farm wool; watching sheep shearing... so many things!


Tracy sought out the Farm as she had heard the work that WindReach does with horses and youth in the Therapeutic Riding program and she wanted to be a part of this amazing place. Tracy feels blessed that she can use a skill learned growing up to assist others. It’s a ‘win – win!’


Thank you, Tracy, for all that you do at WindReach Farm.


One person CAN make a difference!

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