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Val Culham - July 2022
Started August 2021

Val started in August 2021 and said she volunteers at WindReach because she loves being with people and animals. “Giving to other people is what God wants us to do,” says Val.


She volunteers with the small animals (bunnies, guinea pigs and chickens) which are part of the Beyond the Farm Gate program. Val also helps with onsite tours, outreach in the community and special events.

Val with Sheep.HEIC

When asked why she volunteers, Val replies “I feel I bring love and joy with me when I volunteer. Both of these need to be shared. It spreads out!”


The other main reason Val volunteers is that she loves being with people and animals, and giving back to her community. She has learned that she gets back far more than what she gives out!


Val said “My most memorable and favourite day at WindReach was when I did a tour for a group of seniors. They were all so happy to be there. As we were walking around the farm, we were chatting and learned that many of them had grown up on farms. They all had such unique and beautiful stories to share with me. I felt privileged to learn about their past lives. You could see the joy in their eyes as they cuddled the animals - bringing back many good memories for them!”


She chooses to donate her time because it brings her great joy!

Thank you, Val, for all that you do at WindReach Farm.

One person CAN make a difference!

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