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Greg Quirk - October 2022
Started February 2020

When Greg retired from Registered Massage Therapy, he wanted to do some volunteering in the community. He knew two people who volunteered with WindReach Farm, and they said how much they enjoyed being there. He was looking for an outlet for the enjoyment he gets working with and educating people, being outdoors and love of animals. At the volunteer orientation, Greg knew at that working with the farm tours would be a great fit for him.

Greg also helps out with some of the special events at the Farm, including the drive-throughs during Covid restrictions, sheep shearing, and the Beyond the Gate outreach programs at the Ability Centre in Whitby.

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Greg thoroughly enjoys giving the farm tours where he gets to talk about the Farm and the many animals, whether it is with young pre-school children, school groups or a seniors’ centre visit.


One of the memorable moments Greg had was while giving a farm tour for a multi-generational family. The group was made up of a husband and wife, their three-and-a-half-year-old daughter, and the husband’s 81-year-old grandfather. During the tour he gave the family kibble to feed the sheep and goats. It was fun to see the excitement and wonder in the eyes of the little girl as she bravely walked up to feed the animals, and as she broke out in giggles as the lambs ate kibble out of her hand. At the same time, her great-grandfather was also feeding the sheep and goats and with a wonderful loud laugh saying how it brought back memories for him when he was the same age as his great-granddaughter, growing up on a farm and now being able to share these experiences with her.


This is the wonderful thing about WindReach Farm where it brings family, friends and community together to learn and have fun.


Thank you, Greg, for all that you do at WindReach Farm.


One person CAN make a difference!

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