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Day Visitor Program

WindReach Farm’s Day Visitor Program invites individuals of all ages and abilities to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of a fully working farm. Situated on 105 acres in beautiful Ashburn, Ontario, the Day Visitor Program allows visitors to enjoy the educational and therapeutic aspects of WindReach Farm.


The Program appeals to a variety of groups, including families, schools, seniors’ facilities, clubs, and community organizations. Working with you to create your own customized visit, WindReach Farm offers activities to meet the needs of all users. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy all that the Farm has to offer, including feeding our friendly farm animals, revelling in a nature walk along our sensory trail, and taking a ride on our accessible wagon. Tour guides are provided to ensure that your visit is a safe and enjoyable one.

Click HERE to visit our Day Visit Registration form. We look forward to seeing you! 

Day Visit Activities


WindReach Farm is thrilled to offer visiting opportunities this year, mainly May through August, (exceptions available), Monday - Friday, 9:30-2:30

To help us better plan for your experience with us, we’d like to understand your and/or your client/students’ particular interests.  Please see the activity descriptions below, and register by completing the form (FORM) and email to

For groups larger than 50 people, we will divide you into smaller groups and go through 30-minute rotations, including snack-time, wagon ride, farm tour, stables tour, scavenger hunt, pond visits, playground, 45 minute lunch and more. 

Please let us know your preferred date, arrival and departure time.  We will confirm that your preferred date and times are available.  

General Day-Visit Guidelines

  • Our activities are all abilities and mobilities friendly.  We are an accessible farm!

  • Most of our activities are best done in small groups; large groups are welcome as we will divide them into smaller groups to rotate through the various “rotation stations”.  Each station is ~ 20-30 minutes. 

  • While people love to give treats to animals, treats are often a health hazard, and we maintain a “do not feed ANY animals” policy.  

  • Some animals love to be petted and will let you know to scratch their head! 


Tractor-drawn Wagon Ride

Our accessible tractor-drawn wagon ride is a one-of-a-kind event that brings delight to all ages and all mobilities. For our planning and timing purposes, when completing the registration form, please let us know an estimate of the number of people using mobility devices or wheelchair.  

This wagon ride goes through our cow pasture where your group will be able to interact with our cows.  We won’t tell you how – that’s the surprise 

Farm Tour

A farm tour is an activity that can be modified in length and content, depending on the group’s interest and response to the animals. 

The group is led by an experienced guide and will visit our sheep, goats, donkeys, chickens, ponies and cows.  Depending on the time of year, there may be lambs, kids, baby chicks or calves to see as well.  While we maintain a “do not feed the animals” policy, for their health and safety, many of our less shy animals love to have their head scratched.  

Bunny& Guinea Pig Cuddling

This activity is an activity in which participants have direct, hands-on experience with a bunny or guinea pig.  For animal welfare reasons, we cannot offer this as a rotation station for large groups, but it is very suitable for small groups of people who benefit from tactile stimulation or have not held a bunny before.  

Stables Tour

This tour takes you over our bridge and along the paved path towards our stables.  Along the way you will observe horses grazing in their pastures.  Upon arrival at the barn, you will move through and see the stalls, the arena, the feed room and wash station and maybe a lesson taking place.  Our Founder, Sandy Mitchell, was a paralympic dressage rider and he built the world-class stables to meet the needs of novice therapeutic riders through to Paralympians. 

We use both wooden and electric fences.  For safety, please do not touch them and stay on the path.  


Towards the back of the farm area, an accessible short wooden boardwalk meanders over a marshy area.  When you exit the boardwalk you can check out the gardens near the greenhouse.  This is a self-guided activity. 

Sensory Trail

Our sensory trail is a self-guided or tour guide opportunity to stop at stations and engage in a multi-sensory outdoor experience.  Each station engages a different sense and offers mindful moments.   

Gazebo Relaxation Spot and nearby Porches

We have several adjacent covered outdoor spots to sit and relax or have lunch.  There are BBQ’s available if you want to bring a BBQ meal to prepare.  Otherwise, a packed lunch is a great option as well.  Our Cardinal’s Nes Gift Shop has cold refreshments if you like.  Accessible washrooms are available at the Visitor Center.  




Wool Activity 

As we are a working farm, we shear our sheep in the spring, and a group of dedicated volunteers processes the wool by hand.  A wool activity may be available for small groups, though there is an extra materials fee.  Details can be discussed on an individual basis.  Given the hands-on nature of a wool workshop, if this were of interest it would need to be prioritized in terms of time.  It does not work well as a rotation station.

Please contact



Pond Visit

A visit to the pond is a chance to see and learn about the many plants and animals that live in and around the pond.  As a pond visit requires time and attention, this is also an activity to be organized individually.  There is no extra fee.  Please contact


“At a drive through, we learned about the wool that is made, about different breeds of chickens and the colours of their eggs. We saw cows, horses, and many other animals. Later on, we were able to have a private visit, practice social distancing, and see the animals from fairly close. The staff were really friendly and helpful, telling us all about the animals, while making sure everyone was safe." 

- Sandi, Visitor


“Our family enjoyed a wonderful tour of WindReach Farm last week! My son was excited to tour the grounds, meet the horses, learn about the mother and daughter donkeys, and watch his mom pet Lady the cow. Our 8-month old daughter was all smiles while petting the bunnies and rooster. The experience at WindReach is always inclusive and welcoming.” 

- Andrea, Visitor

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