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Iris Forsey - February 2023
Started April 2015

Iris started volunteering at WindReach Farm in April 2015. She cannot believe it has been eight years already - how time flies!


She retired in 2012 and was looking for something to help fill her day. Iris heard about WindReach Farm and the rest is history.


“I believe volunteering is a win/win for both the organization you volunteer for and also for yourself. It’s important that you feel like you are contributing to something and that what you do has a meaningful impact on the people you are helping,” says Iris. She has experienced both at WindReach Farm.

04 Iris with bunny.jpg

Iris has been involved on the farm side with the small animal care, on-site tours, off-site Beyond the Farm Gate visits and many special events (Swing into Spring – sheep shearing, Halloween Spooktacular, Royal Winter Fair and December Holiday events).


If was the Beyond the Farm program which she found the most rewarding. Before Covid hit, this program would visit schools, nursing homes, and numerous other locations as requested. The interaction they had with the students and residents was so wonderful. The expression on their faces when we brought in the animals and the excitement was just remarkable. Iris felt it was a wonderful experience to share the learning and caring of small animals with others, and to show kindness towards their handling. “The calming effect of stroking an animal is priceless. I’m sure it was a day to remember for all those that had the experience of the Beyond the Farm program,” says Iris.

She truly believes that volunteering is the most rewarding thing anyone can do. It is the feeling of being part of a community; the great friends that you gain; and the common goal of making another person’s life just a bit happier is worth every minute.


Iris enjoys volunteering at WindReach and she looks forward to another wonderful year ahead full of sharing and caring.


Thank you, Iris, for all that you do at WindReach Farm.


One person CAN make a difference!

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