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Jane Posavad - December 2022
Started February 2022

Jane started in February 2022 in the Stables and later moved onto the Horticulture Therapy Program on the Farm side. She has thoroughly enjoyed working in both areas.

The Stables were a whole new experience for Jane as she has never been around or worked with horses in her lifetime, or with riders that have varied abilities. Jane enjoys watching the diverse levels of each rider learn how to ride, and how the horses respond to the rider is an amazing and humbling experience. It is incredible to witness how gentle such a large animal can bring so much joy and confidence to their rider. “I was lucky to have other volunteers be patient in training me how to tack, groom and sidewalk a horse, which I found how much peace grooming and performing those various tasks can bring. Sprinkles is one of my favorites,” says Jane.

12 Jane Posavad December.jpg

As Jane has a love for gardening, the horticultural side came naturally for her. She enjoys watching how different groups participate in an experience of the gardens. Jane believes the gardens provide many diverse opportunities in having participants engage all their senses. The joy, smiles, and peacefulness the experience brings to everyone is a valuable lesson in life how one seed can produce a beautiful outcome. This area of the farm offers so much more than the bit of produce it grew. The sheer beauty of these grounds surrounded with flower, herbs and vegetables is truly a spectacular view for all.


 Jane had never heard of WindReach before, however she is genuinely happy she is involved as it has brought much gratitude, humility, and serenity to her life, as well as a reminder of how fortunate we are to be a part of something special that only asks for your 'time'.


She looks forward to providing more volunteer time at WindReach as she personally cannot think of a better place to give back. Jane enjoys being a part of all the friendly staff, volunteers, riders, participants, and visitors at WindReach Farm.


Thank you, Jane, for all that you do at WindReach Farm.


One person CAN make a difference!

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